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a (great/large) number of 许多(接可数名词复数,谓语动词用复数)

A as well as B A跟B一样…

A besides B… 除了B以外,A…

a bit of 一点(接不可数名词)

a bit 一点(接形容词)

a bunch of 一束、一捆

a certain 某一个(接可数名词单数)

a copy of 一份(报纸等)

a couple of 几个、一些、三两个(接可数名词复数)

a crowd of 一群、许多

a developed country (一个)发达国家

a developing country (一个)发展中国家

a diet of healthy foods 一份营养食谱

a fallen tree 一棵倒了的树

a few moment later 一会儿、不久以后

a few pieces of advice 几点建议

a good/great deal of 大量(接不可数名词)

a good/great many 大量(接可数名词复数)

a great deal 许多东西

a group of 一群…

a highly-developed country 高度发达国家

a kind of sth. 一类…

a knife and fork 一副刀叉

a knowledge of 某一学科的知识

a lack of 缺乏

a large quantity of 大量(接可数、不可数名词)

a large/great amount of 大量(接不可数名词)

A like B… 像B一样,A…

a little bit 一点(接形容词)

a little 一点(接形容词)

a loaf of bread 一个面包

a lost life in a desert 鸿沟

a lot more interesting 更有趣

a lot more 许多

a lucky escape 幸运的逃脱

a narrow escape 侥幸逃脱、九死一生

a piece of advice 一条建议

a place of interest 一处名胜

a point of view 一种观点

A rather than B 与其B,不如A

a series of 一系列的

a third ①三个中的一个 ②三分之一

a total of 总计…(接数词)

a type of 一种

a variety of 一种

a waste of money/time/… 浪费(金钱、时间等)

a year and a half 一年半

above all 最重要的是,首先

according to 根据、依照

achieve ones aim/goal 实现某人的目标

achieve success 取得成功

act a part ①扮演一个角色 ②假装

act as if 假装(接从句,有虚拟语气)

act the part of sb. 演…的角色

add A to B 把A加到B上

add to 增加到

add up to 总计(无被动形式)

address sth. to sb. 给某人讲…

admit to 承认

advise (that) sb. (should) do 建议某人应该做某事(虚拟语气)

advise sb. to do 劝说某人去做

afford sb. sth. 为某人承担…

afford sth. to sb. 为某人承担…

afford to do 能够去做

after a time 一段时间后

after a while 不久

after all 毕竟;终究

after that 从这以后(用一般现在时)

agree on 在…达成共识

agree that… 同意…(接从句)

agree to do 同意去做

agree to ones plan/suggestion 采纳某人的计划(建议)

agree with ones idea/opinion/analysis 同意某人的看法(见解)

agree with sb. ①(衣服等)适合某人 ②与…一致 ③同意、赞同

agree with sb. on that point 在那方面同意某人的意见

ahead of time 事先;提前

aim at ①瞄准 ②追求、旨在

all but A… 除了A以外所有人/物

all kinds of 各种各样的

all of a sudden 突然(单用)

all over (Europe) 整个(欧洲)

all sorts of 各种各样的

all such 所有这些…(接名词用复数)

all the same 仍然、依然

all the way 全程

all the year round 整年

all through the(night/year/ones life) 整个…

all…not… 不都是…(部分否定)

allow doing/sb. to do 允许(某人)做某事

announce sth. to sb. 向某人宣布…

announce to sb. sth. 向某人宣布…

anyone who = whoever 任何人(引导主语从句)

apart from 除…外还…

appear to do 好像…

apply for 申请

apply ones minds to 专心于

appreciate doing 感激做…

as a matter of fact 实际上

as a result of 由于…

as if 似乎、好像(引导方式状语从句)

as long as 只要(引导条件状语从句)

as one body 像一个人一样

as soon as is necessary 如果可能的话尽快…

as soon as 一…就…(引导时间状语从句)

as though 似乎、好像

as well as ①和…一样 ②与…一样好

as well 也;一样

ask (that) sb. (should) do 要求某人应该做某事(虚拟语气)

ask for a leave 请假

ask sb. for advice 取得某人的建议

ask some questions of sb. 向某人提问(书面语)

at a distance 有一些距离、在远处

at a great depth 在很深处

at a loss 不知所措、困惑不解

at a low/high price 价格低(高)

at a low/high speed 速度很慢/快地…

at a mouthful 一口、满口

at a safe speed 以安全速度行驶

at a speed of 以…的速度行驶

at a time 一次;有时、曾经

at first blush 一瞥

at full speed 全速前进

at least 至少、最少

at most 最多、至多

at one time 曾经、以前

at present 现在

at that very moment 就在那个时候

at the ball 在舞会上

at the beginning of 在…的开始

at the bottom of 在…的底部

at the cost of 以…为代价

at the crossing 在十字路口

at the invitation of sb. 应某人邀请

at the latest 最迟、最晚

at the most 最多

at the price of 以…为代价

at the risk of 冒着…的危险

at the same time 同时

at the sight of 看见

at the speed of 以…的速度

at the thought of 当…想到

at the top of the voice 用最高的声音

attempt to do 尝试去做、企图去做

attitude to/towards sth. 对…的态度

attract ones attention 吸引某人注意力


back and forth 来来往往地、前后来回地

bark at (狗)向…叫

be (good) value for money …值钱

be able to do 能够…、有能力…

be about to do when 就要做某事时,突然…

be about to do 准备做…(不接时间状语,表示将来)

be absent from 不在、缺席

be absorbed in 沉迷于…、迷恋于…

be active in 在…活跃

be admitted into universities 被大学录取

be afraid of doing 担心某事会发生

be afraid of sth./sb. 害怕某人(物)

be afraid that… 恐怕…

be afraid to do 不敢去做

be after sth./sb. 找…

be along with 和…一起

be an expert on/in/at sth. 在…是专家

be angry at sth. 对某事感到生气

be angry with sb./sth. 对某人(物)感到生气

be anxious about 为…感到焦虑

be anxious for sth. 急切地要…

be anxious to do 急切去做…

be ashamed of 感到羞耻、惭愧

be at breakfast/lunch/supper 在吃早/午/晚饭

be at the same level 在同一水平上

be aware of sth. 知道

be away from 离…远

be based on 以…为基础、以…为根据

be better off 境况好

be blind in one eye 一只眼睛失明、独眼龙

be blind to 对…视而不见

be busy doing 忙着…

be busy with 忙着…

be careful 小心

be caught in 被困住

be concerned about 关心

be content to do 甘愿做某事、愿意做某事

be content with 对…满足

be crowded with 挤满了

be deaf to 对…听而不闻、充耳不闻

be disappointed in sth. 对某事(物)失望

be disappointed with sb./sth. 对…失望

be doing when 正要做某事时,突然…

be doing 表达某种语气、感情,如喜爱、赞美、厌恶、痛恨、批判等

be done away with 结束、结果

be dressed in 穿…

be due to do 预计…会怎样

be due to sth. 由于、应归于

be dying for 渴望

be dying to do 急切去做…

be eager to do 盼望去做…

be engaged in 忙于、致力于

be engaged to 与…订婚

be equal to 与…相等

be expert in/at doing 擅长于…

be famous as 作为…而出名

be famous for 因为…而出名

be famous to sb. 在…中出名

be favourable to 有助于、有利于

be fit for sth. 适合…

be fond of 爱好…

be friendly/kind/polite to sb. 对某人友好

be going to do 即将做…

be gone …不见了

be good on sb. 对某人好

be hard on sb. 对某人苛刻、为难某人

be harmful to 对…有害

be honoured for sth. …因为…受尊敬

be in (the) majority 占大多数,处于多数

be in business 营业

be in danger 处于危险之中

be in darkness 在黑暗之中(无光,用于指状态)

be in disorder 没有秩序、乱

be in earnest 急迫、急切

be in good order 有秩序、整洁

be in great need 最需要

be in hospital 住院

be in low/high spirits 情绪低落/高昂

be in poor health 身体不好

be in/under ones charge 受某人管

be in/under the charge of sb. 受某人管

be introduced into …被引进

be joined to 与…连接

be keen on 喜欢

be kind for sb. to do sth. 某人做某事(对人)有好处

be kind of sb. 某人好

be known for 因为…而出名

be known to sb. 在…中出名

be lacking in 缺乏

be longing for 盼望去做…

be longing to do 盼望去做…

be lost …不见了

be lost in sight 看不见

be lost in thought 陷入沉思

be made from 由…(加工)制成

be made into 制成、加工成

be made of 由…(直接)制成

be made up of 由…组成

be marked with 被标上

be measured in 以…来衡量

be missing …不见了

be mixed with sth. 用…混合

be not in agreement …是不同的

be nothing more than 只不过是

be of different sizes/colours/weights/ages/ shapes 尺寸/颜色/重量/年龄/形状不同

be of great/no help/value/importance/use to sb. 对某人(没)有很大(帮助/价值/作用等)

be of the same kind 同一类

be of the same size/colour/weight/age/shape尺寸/颜色/重量/年龄/形状相同

be of this kind 属于这一类

be off 离开

be on a visit from sp. 从某地来访问

be on a visit to sp. 正游览、参观某地

be on business 因公(办事等)

be on diet 节食

be on duty 值日、上班

be on fire 着火

be on holiday/vacation 在度假

be on sale 待售、拍卖

be on show 展览;上映

be on strike 罢工

be on the march 正在、正在行军

be out of fashion 过时、不流行

be out of order 没有秩序、乱

be out of reach ①够不着 ②无能为力

be out of work 失业

be popular among sb. 在…中流行

be popular with sb. 在…中流行

be prepared for 为…作准备(接抽象事物)

be present at (the meeting) 参加(会议)

be proud of 以…自豪

be put to a new use 被用在了新的用途上

be ready for 准备好做…

be ready to do 准备好做…

be recognised as 被认作是

be reduced by 降低了…(接数字、百分数)

be rich in 在…丰富

be satisfied with 对…满意

be senior to 比…大

be set in 以…为背景

be short of 缺少

be shown into sp. 被带到某地

be spun into thread 被纺成线

be strict in sth. 对某事严格要求

be strict with sb. 对某人严格要求

be successful in doing sth. 做…成功

be suitable for 适合

Be sure(certain) to do… 确信做某事(祈使句)

be tired from sth./doing (身体上)劳累、疲劳

be tired of sth./doing 厌倦…

be tired out 筋疲力尽

be to blame (应该)受责备

be to do 准备做…

be trapped by (the fire) 被(火)围困

be treated as 把…当作…对待

be under construction 建设中

be unwilling to do 不愿去做

be up to ①高达、达到 ②达到境界、进入角色 ③从事、忙于

be well received 接受效果好、广泛接受

be willing to do 盼望去做…

be worried about 为…担心

be worth doing 值得…

be worth sth. 值多少

be worthy of 值得

be/become known as 作为…而出名

be/become widely accepted 被广泛的接受

beat sb. black and blue 把某人打得鼻青脸肿

beat sb. on the head 碰某人的头

beat sb. to death 打死某人

beat sth. flat 把…压平

become a success 成功

become separated 分开

before all 尤其、特别

before long 没过多久(常用于将来时、过去时)

begin with 以…开始

believe in ①信赖、信任 ②信奉、信仰

belong to sb. 属于

benefit from 从…获取利益、好处

beyond reach 够不着;找不到、消失

beyond that 除了那个以外

beyond the sea 在海外

black out 、神志不清;停止、中断

black tea 红茶

blood bank 血站、血库

blow away 吹走

both of sb. 两个人都…

both…not… 不都是…(部分否定)

break away from 脱离

break down ①分解;破裂 ②(汽车)抛锚

break in 打断…的话

break into pieces 打(破)成碎片

break off 折断、中断、罢工

break ones promise/words 某人的诺言、食言

break out 分裂、爆发

break the record 打破纪录

break the rules 违反规则

break up 分解

bring about 带来、造成

bring down 使…下降

bring in 引进

bring on 引起、导致

bring sth. to ones notice 使某人注意…

bring up 抚育、养育

build up 建立

burn down 烧毁

burn sth. to the ground 把…烧毁

burn up 消耗

burst in 闯进、闯入

burst into flames 突然着火

burst into tears/laughter 突然放声大哭/笑

burst out doing 爆发;突然

business sense 商业理念

by and by 不久以后、很快的

by chance 偶然

by degrees 逐渐地

by far 至今为止

by means of 通过…的办法

by occasionally 偶然的

by ones and twos 三三两两地、零零落落地

by oneself 独自地、独立地、单独地

by the end 在…以前

by the hour/day/week/minute/month/year 按小时/日/周/分/月/年算

by the time 一段时间前(引导时间状语从句)

by the way 顺便说一下

by this means 用这种方法

by weight/length/volume 按重量/长度/容量算


call a taxi 打的

call at sp. 拜访某地

call for ①要求 ②邀请

call in sb. 派人去请

call on sb. to do… 号召某人做某事

call on sb. 拜访某人

call ones attention to sth. 让某人引起对…的注意

call to mind 想起

call up sb. ①使…想起 ②给…打电话

calm down 镇定下来

cant help doing 情不自禁地…

cant resist doing 不能抗拒做…

carry about 携带、随身带

carry away 冲垮;拿走

carry forward 发展、发扬

carry off 抢走、夺走

carry on 进行、继续

carry out ones promise 遵守某人的诺言

carry out 实行

carry with 进行、继续

catch a cold 感冒

catch fire 着火

catch in 被…困住、绊住

catch ones attention 吸引了…的注意

catch sight of 看到…

caught by the… 抓到某人的…(身体部位)

cause sb. to be in such a state 导致某人到这样的地步

change A for B 用B替换A

change into 变成

clear away 收拾走、清除

clear out 把…请出去

clear up ①天晴 ②解决

climb over 翻越

close to 靠近某地

come about 发生

come across 偶然遇见

come along 进展、进行

come at 袭击、向…打击

come away 脱离、掉下

come back ①回来 ②醒过来

come down 下降

come forth 向前

come into being 形成、产生、存在(无被动)

come into effect 生效、启用

come off 脱离、掉下

come on ①加油 ②进展

come out ①产生、出现 ②被知道 ③出版、发行 ④结局、结果

come right 直接

come round 转身

come to ①把注意力转向… ②到来

come to an end 消亡、灭亡、分裂

come to ones notice 引起某人的注意

come to oneself 苏醒、恢复知觉

come to power 掌权

come true 成为现实

come up ①上升 ②发生 ③产生 ④(问题、话题、议题)被提出(无被动)

come up to 过来

come upon 偶然遇见

command (that) sb. (should) do 命令某人应该做某事(虚拟语气)

compare A to B 把A比作B

compare A with B 把A与B作比较

compare notes 交换意见

compared with/to A, B… 与A相比,B…(B不用比较级)

congratulate sb./sth. (on sth.) 祝贺…(取得…的成绩)

congratulations on sth. …的祝贺

connect A to B 连接A与B(单方面)

connect A with B 连接A与B(两方面)

consider sb. to have done 认为某人做了某事

consider sb./sth. to be/as 把…看作

consider sth./doing 考虑(做)…

consist of 由…组成

content oneself with sth. 对…满意

continue doing 一直做(同一件事)

continue to do 继续做(下一件事)

continue with sth. 继续做某事

contribute sth. to sth. 为…贡献…

convert sth. into sth. 把…转变成…

could have done 本来能做成的却没做成虚拟语气

couldnt have done 本来做不成的却做成了虚拟语气

count on/upon 指望、依靠

count sth. at 当作

cover sth./sb. with sth. 用…盖住…

cover the s 报道事件

cross out 除去、勾销

crowd off 挤出

cry out 喊出去

cure sb. of 治好某人的(病)

cut away 切下;逃跑

cut down 砍倒;缩减

cut off 切断

cut ones hair short 把…头发剪短

cut out 切下;删除

cut sth. in half 把…切成两半

cut sth. into halves 把…切成两半

cut sth. into two parts 把…切成两半

cut up 割开;切碎


daily goods 日用品

dance around 到处跳

dance to the music 伴着音乐跳舞

dare to do 敢于…

date back to 起源于、追溯到

date from 起源于、追溯到

day after day 日复一日

day and night 一天到晚

day by day 逐日

deal in 经营

deal with 处理、对待

declare sb./sth. to be adj./n. 宣称…是…(接形容词或名词)

deep into the night 熬夜

delay doing/sth. 推迟…

demand (that) sb. (should) do 要求某人应该做某事(虚拟语气)

demand sth. of/from sb. 向某人要求…

demand to do 要求去做

depend on/upon 取决于、依赖于、依靠

describe sth. to sb. 将…描述给(讲给)…

despise of sb. 看不起

determine sb. to do 使某人下决心做某事

determine to do 下决心做某事

develop a habit 养成习惯

develop an interest in sth. 表现出对…的兴趣

develop films 制作

devote sth./oneself to sth./doing 把…奉献给…

die away (气味、声音、光线)逐渐消失、变弱

die down 平息、变弱、逐渐消失

die from polluted air/over work/an accident/… 因为(空气污染、过度劳累、事故等)而死

die of grief/cold/hungry/old age/… 因为(悲伤、寒冷、饥饿、年老等)而死

die out 灭绝;死光、死绝

dig out 挖出

direct sb. to do 指导、要求某人去做

direct that sb. should do 命令某人去做

discourage sb. from sth./doing 阻碍某人做某事

dislike doing/sb./sth. 不喜欢…

dive off 从…跳水

divide sth. by sth. …除以…

divide sth. into 将…分成

do a good deed 做好事

do away with 废除

do damage to 损害

do good/harm to sb./sth. 对…有好处(坏处)

do not give in an inch 一寸不让

do research on/in/about/into sth. 研究…

do sb. a favour 帮某人一个忙

do sb. good/harm 对某人有好处(坏处)

do sb. the favour to do/of doing 帮某人忙做…

do sth. alone 自己、靠自己

do sth. at the right time 在合适的时候做某事

do sth. by hand 手工制作(常用被动)

do sth. by turns 轮流做…、依次做…

do sth. deep/far into the night 熬夜

do sth. for fun 做…为了取乐

do sth. in good faith 诚实地…

do sth. on purpose 有目的地做

do up ①系上、扣上 ②收拾整理

do with 处理

double ones output 使(产量等)成倍增长

draw a deep breath 深呼吸

draw conclusions 下结论

draw in ①(车)进站 ②引诱

draw ones attention 吸引某人注意力

draw quick interest 获得快捷利润

draw up 草拟、拟定

dream of sth./doing 梦想

drink to 为…干杯

drive sb. to tears 使某人哭

drop in at sp. 拜访某地

drop in on sb. 拜访某人


eager for 渴望

early bird 早起者、早到者

earn ones living 谋生

easy-going 随和、平易近人

eat ones words 收回某人(说过)的话

eat up 吃光

either A or B 是A或者是B(谓语动词就近一致)

encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做…

end up with 以…结束

enter for 报名参加

escape being done 逃避被…

escape doing sth. 逃避做…

escape from sp. 从…逃离

ever lasting 永不停止的、永远的

every one of sb./sth. …中的每一个

every other… 每两个…

every two… 每两个…

except for 除了(用于两种不同的事物)

expect sb. to do 期望某人…

expect sth. to be done 期望某事被…

expect to be/do 期望会…

explain sth. to sb. 向某人解释…

explain to sb. sth. 向某人解释…

export to 向…出口


face to face 面对面地(作状语)

face-to-face 面对面的(作定语)

fail to do 失败、未做成

fall asleep 睡着了

fall behind 落后

fall ill 生病

fall in love with sb. 爱上某人

fall off 掉下

fall to pieces 消亡、灭亡、分裂、崩溃

far and near 远近、到处、四面八方

far and wide 广泛地

far more interesting 更有趣

far more 许多

fast asleep 熟睡

feed on sth. 以…为食

feed sb./sth. with/on sth. 用…喂养

feed sth. to sb./sth. 把…喂养给…

feel alone 感到孤单

feel like doing…/sth. 喜爱(做)…

feel lonely 感到孤单

feel ones way 摸索着前进

feel sb. on the head 摸某人的头

feel terrible 感觉不舒服

feel well 感觉舒服

few such mistakes 这么少的错误

fight against 与…作斗争、与…交战

fight back 回击

fight for sth. 为了…而斗争

figure on 指望、计划、打算

figure out ①解决 ②计算出来、合计出

fill with 充满

find out 找出、查明

find sb./sth. do 发现…做过…

find sb./sth. doing 发现…正在…

find sb./sth. done 发现…被…

finish off 结束、完成

fire at 向…开火

fire escape 火灾安全出口

fire out ①消沉、一蹶不振 ②开除、解雇

fire up 火冒三丈、发火

first aid 急救

first of all 首先

fit club 健身俱乐部

fix a time/date for sth./doing 确定…的日期

fix a time/date to do 确定日期做某事

fix A to B 把A固定在B上

fix ones attention on sth. 把某人的注意力集中到…上

fix ones eyes on sth. 目不转睛、凝视、把注意力集中在…上

fix sb. sth. 为…准备…

fix sth. for sb. 为…准备…

float off 漂浮

fly over (从上面)飞越

fold up 折叠起来

follow ones advice on 听从…的建议

follow the rules 遵守规则

fool about/around 游手好闲、闲荡

fool sb. into doing sth. 哄骗某人做某事

for (political) reasons 由于(政治)原因

for a while 一段时间

for ages 很久

for example 例如

for fear that 担心

for free 免费的

for Gods sake 看在上帝的面上

for good 永久地、一劳永逸地

for instance 例如

for one thing 首先

for ones sake 为…起见

for oneself 为了自己

for sale 准备出售

for the first time 第一次

for the sake of 为…起见

forbid sb. to do 禁止某人做某事

force oneself to ones feet 挣扎着站起来

force sb. to do 强迫某人做…

foreign affairs 外交事务、外事、外务

form a habit 养成习惯

frankly speaking 坦白地说

free from 没有、免除

from a great distance 远距离

from cover to cover 从头到尾

from door to door 一家挨着一家

from side to side 左右摇摆

from that time on 从那时起

from the beginning 从一开始

from time to time 时常、经常


gain in 获得

generally speaking 一般来说

get across 通过、越过、穿过

get along (well) with ①与某人相处(得好) ②进展(顺利)

get broken 弄坏了

get burnt 烧着了

get caught in 遇到

get changed 换衣服

get close to sth./sb. 与…接近

get down to sth./doing 开始去做…

get good from sth. 从…中得到好处

get hold of 把握住;抓住

get hurt 了

get in 进入

get into ①坐进(轿车、出租车等) ②陷入(某种状态)之中

get into the habit of 养成…的习惯

get it settled 确定

get married 结婚(强调动作)

get off ①下车 ②脱下

get on (well) with sb./sth. 与某人(事、物)相处(得好)

get on the right track 走上正轨

get over 恢复、克服

get paid …被付钱、得钱、挣钱

get ready for sth. 准备好…

get rid of 去除

get sb. to do/doing/done 让某人…

get separated 分开

get sth. on …有某事

get sth. ready for 为…作准备

get through ①接通(电话) ②通过(考试) ③完成(工作、任务) ④通过(议案、计划) ⑤传到…

get tired of sth./doing 感到厌倦

get to know sb. (刚刚)认识某人

get to 够得着

get together 聚会

get up to ones feet 站起来

get word 得到

get worse 越来越坏了

give a birth to a baby 生小孩

give a hand 帮助

give a promise 许下诺言

give A sth. for B 把为B准备的…给A

give a talk 做报告;做演讲

give a thought to sb./sth. 想象、思考

give an order for sth. 订购…

give away 把…送出去

give back 送回去、拿回去

give birth to 生产、生育

give in 屈服、投降、让步(不及物)

give off 散发、发出(气味、光线、声音)

give ones love/wishes/regards to sb. 给某人的(问候等)

give out ①发出(气味、光线、声音) ②用尽 ③精疲力尽

give over 交托、停止、放弃

give sb. a lift 搭车

give sb. a message 给(收信人)留/传个信

give sb. advice on sth./how to do 给某人…的建议

give sb. sth. 把…给某人

give sth. away 把…送出去

give up sth./doing 放弃

give way to 让位给…

go aboard a plane/ship 登飞机/船

go abroad 出国

go after 追逐、追求

go against 违背

Go ahead. (口语)鼓励某人做某事、去做吧

go all the way back to the time of 起源于

go bad 变坏

go by 经过

go down 下降、减弱

go in for 从事、投身于

go mad about sth./doing 痴迷于…,为…疯狂

go missing 不见、丢失

go off ①离去 ②变质

go off duty 下班

go on a trip on sp. 游览、参观某地

go on board 登(船、飞机)

go out 出去;灯火熄灭

go over to 到…去

go over 温习、复习;检查

go through ①穿过 ②仔细察看 ③经历

go to sp. for a holiday 到…度假

go up to 上到…上

go up 上升、增强

go with ①和…一起去 ②(颜色、款式等)搭配

Good luck with your trip. 祝你一路顺风。

good manner 好方法

good manners 有礼貌

good for nothing 没有用

graduate from 从…毕业

grow out of 从…产生、由…而来

grow rich 变得富有

guess sb. to be 猜测某人是…


had done sth. when… 刚刚做完某事,这时…

have a short memory 记性不好

have a talk with sb. 跟某人谈话

have a trip on sp. 游览、参观某地

have a word with sb. 跟某人谈话

have an effect on sb. 对…有影响(效果)

have difficulty/trouble (in) doing/sth. 做…有困难

have on 穿着…

have ones attention 让某人注意

have ones exam 某人考试

have sb. do/doing/done 让某人…

have sth. on …有某事

have sth. on/with/about sb. 某人随身带…(常指财务等)

have sth. to do with sb./sth. 与…有关系

have the habit of doing 有做…的习惯

have trouble with sth. 做…有麻烦

have words with sb. 与某人吵架、口角

head back 调头

hear about sth./sb. (through sb.) (通过某人)听说…

hear from 收到…的来信

hear of sth./sb. 听说…

hear sb./sth. do 听说…做过…

hear sb./sth. doing 听说…在…

hear sb./sth. done 听说…被…

hear the concert 听音乐会

heavy smoker 瘾君子(专指吸烟)

help sb. out 帮助某人

hit sb. on the… 打着某人的(身体部位)

hold a position 处于…(位置、地位)

hold back ①阻止、阻挡 ②缩回来

hold down 阻止;压制

hold for questioning 被审讯

hold on ①别挂断(电话) ②坚持

hold ones breath 屏住呼吸

hold ones head high 高昂着头

hold out ①伸出(手) ②支持、坚持、维持

hold the record 保持纪录

hold to 坚持

hold up ①阻挡 ②使…停顿 ③抬起

honestly speaking 说句实话

how to do it 怎么去做(作宾语)

humour sense 幽默感

hundreds of thousands of 成千上万的(加可数名词复数)

hunt for 寻找

hurry off 快点走


I (dont) doubt that/if/whether… 我(不)怀疑…(接宾语从句)

in the last ten years 在最后(十)年里(用于现在完成时)

I suppose sb. be doing sth. 我想你应该在做…。

I wonder whether/how… 我想知道是否/怎样…

if any 如果有

hand down 继承、传下去

hand in 上交

hand out 发出去

hand over 递交、转交、移交

hang up 挂断(电话)

Hardly…when… 还没…就… (部分倒装句式,前句倒装后句不倒装)

have a cold 感冒

have a great effect on 对…有很大的影响(效果)

have a high opinion of 高度评价

have a problem with sth. 在…有问题

have a rest 休息

have a seat 坐下

if not 如果不

Im afraid that… 我害怕…(接宾语从句)

Im satisfied that… 我满足…(接宾语从句)

Im sure that… 我确定…(接宾语从句)

imagine (sb.) doing sth. 想象(某人)做某事

imagine sb./sth. to be 假想…成为…

imagine that 假想…

in (good) order 秩序井然、有序

in a high/low voice 高(低)声说话

in a hundred years time 在一百年时间里

in a time 一段时间后

in a while 一会儿

in a word 一句话、简而言之

in addition 另外

in advance 提前、事先

in all 总计;一共

in ancient times 古代

in astonishment 究竟

in case of 在…的时候、要是

in case 以防万一、在…情况下

in charge of

in comfort 舒适

in common with 与…一样

in common 有共同点

in despair 绝望

in disapproval 反对、不赞成

in fact 实际上

in favour of 喜爱

in front of 在…前面

in future 从今以后

in general 一般来说

in honour of 为了纪念…;为了欢迎…

in hopes of doing 带着…的期望

in many ways 在不同方面

in memory of 纪念…

in modern times 当今

in ones (fifties) 在某人(50多岁)时

in ones absence 在某人不在的时候

in ones judgement 某人认为…

in ones opinion 某人认为…

in ones search for 某人寻找…

in ones spare time 在某人的空闲时间

in ones way 挡某人的路

in order to do 为了…

in other words 换句话说

in pain 处于痛苦中

in particular 特别地

in person 亲自

in place of 代替

in place 在适当位置上

in practice 在实践中

in praise of sb. 为了赞颂…、为了表扬…

in reach 够得着

in return 回报

in search of 寻找…

in silence 沉默地、不作声地

in space 在太空

in spite of doing/sth. 尽管

in that case 如果那样的话

in that 因为、在…方面说

in the (1870)s/(1870)s 在(19)世纪(70)年代

in the beginning 在开始

in the case of sth./sb. 某人(事)的情况

in the dark 在暗处(光线弱,用于指地点)

in the direction of 向…方向

in the distance 在远方、在远处

in the early days 早期

in the fields of sth. 在…领域

in the following years 在接下来的几年里

in the front of 在…内的最前面

in the future 在未来;在将来

in the hope of doing 带着…的期望

in the hospital 在医院里

in the last hour 在最后几个小时里(用于现在完成时)

in the old days 过去的时候

in the past tin the same way 用相同的方法

in the sand 在沙子里

in the shade 在树阴下

in the years that followed 在接下来的几年里

in the years to come 在未来几年里

in this way 用这种方法

in time 及时

in total 总计;一共

increase by 增加了

insist (that) sb. (should) do 坚持要某人做某事(虚拟语气)

insist on doing/sth. 坚持…

insist that… 坚持说、坚持主张

intend for 为…准备

intend to do 打算去做

invite sb. to sp. 邀请…到…

It appears/appeared (to sb.) that… 对某人来说好像…

It is (high) time (that) sb. did/should do 是该做…的时候了(虚拟语气)

It is a pleasure to do… 很高兴做某事

It is believed that… 人们相信…

It is better to do…than to do… (后者)比(前者)好

It is certain that… …是确定无疑的

It is hoped that… 人们希望…

It is important that… …重要

It is known that… 人们知道…

It is likely that… …有可能…(可能性一般)

It is necessary that… …有必要

It is no use/good doing… 做…没有用

It is no wonder that… …毫无疑问。/…是确定无疑的。

It is not any use/good doing… 做…没有用

It is ones turn to do sth. 轮到某人做…

It is polite/impolite to do… …(不)礼貌。

It is possible that… …有可能…(可能性最小)

It is possible that… …有可能…(可能性最小)

It is reported that… 据报道…

It is said that… 人们说…

It is suggested that… 人们建议…

It is tempting to conclude that… 我们可以推出结论…

It is thought that… 人们认为…

It is up to sb.(to do) 由某人来决定

It is useless doing… 做…没有用

It is/was+被强调部分+连词+从句 (强调句型)

It is+adj.+of sb. =sb. is adj. 某人怎么样

It is+n.+for sb. to do sth. = To do sth. is n. for sb. 做某事对某人是…

It makes no difference. 没有什么区别。

It occurred to sb. that… 某人忽然意识


It seems that… 看起来…

It seems to sb.… 在某人看来…

It seems/looks/sounds as if/though… 看起来(听起来)好像…(有虚拟语气形式)

It so happened that… 偶然地、碰巧

It turned out that… 好像…(接主语从句)


join in 参加(大型活动)

join sb. in 参加…(接名词,表示活动)

judge by/from 以…来判断…

Judging by/from… 从…判断,…

jump with joy 高兴地跳起来


keep (sb./sth.) away from 阻止、远离

keep a certain distance away 保持一定距离

keep as a young man 年轻时候

keep back ①阻止、阻挡、使…后退 ②扣留、保留

keep fit 保持身体健康

keep good hours 保持良好的生活节奏

keep off 使…离开

keep on doing sth. 持续做某事

keep ones promise/words 遵守某人的诺言

keep out 使…不进入

keep quiet 保持安静

keep sb. doing sth. 让某人一直做某事

keep sb. from doing sth. 阻止某人做某事

keep silent 保持沉默

keep sth. in check 阻止、防止、阻碍

keep the record 保持纪录

keep the rules 遵守规则

keep up 维持、保持(精神状态)

key points 要点

kiss each other goodbye/hello 与某人亲吻再见/问好

knock at/on the door/window 敲门、窗

knock down 绊倒

knock into sb. 撞见、突然碰见

knock over 撞翻

knock sb./sth. off… 把某人(物)从…撞掉

knock sth. into sth. 敲进…

knock sth. out of sth. 从…中敲出来